Another local business located out of Chalfont is Bagel Spice. They recently brought their original drawings of the Bagel Spice business idea to commemorate their success with the Everything (with and without salt for those watching their cholesterol) and Zesty Jalapeño gourmet spice blends. Bagel Spice can be used on the days your local bakery has run out of everything bagels, or to spice up a variety of recipes ranging from chicken wings and pizzas to salads and salad dressings.


Bagel Spice Bloody Mary

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BSstartCreator Bechara Jaoudeh is following in a long line of creative food entrepreneurs dating back to 17th century Poland. The everything bagel was created by bakers who realized the left over seasoning from poppy seed, sesame seed, onion, and salt bagels made a delicious spice blend in itself. With Jaoudeh’s invention, this delicious spice blend is no longer restricted to the bagel but can be applied to any food stuff that needs a flavor kick. Be sure to check out their website for creative ideas and recipes (!

North Penn Art was happy to help this business remember the moment that inspired a zesty business. This beautiful shadow box allows for display of 3D items as well as the 2D drawing that started it all. Should you have any of your own 3D items that need remembering, don’t hesitate to bring them in to North Penn Art, where no item can’t be framed thanks to our skilled and dedicated professionals.