Digital Reproduction

Digital Reproduction


What is digital reproduction? First of all, around North Penn Art you’ll hear us refer to it as “repro” for short. Digital reproduction is our descriptive for either a process or a finished product. Some examples of a process are scanning, digital image capture and photo restoration. A few examples of a product are canvas wraps, metal prints, a restored photo or photo prints & enlargements.

North Penn Art’s “repro” services consist of the following: Digital photo restoration, canvas wraps, high resolution flatbed scanning, digital image capture, photo prints & enlargements, high definition metal prints and an online UPLOAD & PRINT portal for your convenience. Navigate to the dropdown menu under DIGITAL REPRODUCTION for an individual expanded description of each of these services. In the meantime, check out some of our professional state-of-the-art equipment on this page.


Or, if you’re ready, prefer designing from your couch, and have a digital file prepared, you can skip right to the online UPLOAD & PRINT portal and get going asap! Otherwise, please be sure to stop in with your art, photos or digital files and meet us. Feel free to call us at 215-362-2494 to get the ball rolling.

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Digital Image

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