Many of us feature our TV in the center of the room so it can always been seen. It is time to turn that eyesore into a beautiful masterpiece without buying a large console that collects dust. North Penn Art is featuring many different looks for your TV so you can make it the feature of the room. Choose from hundreds of standard moldings made in the U.S, Italy, and beyond. The different styles range from contemporary to traditional and are sure to provide a style to fit any decor. In addition to framing your TV, add a mirror or a canvas to the front of your TV. Your TV can become the focal point of your room even when it’s not on.           


The mirrored front works by using the black surface of the TV to serve as the backing to this innovative mirror TV glass. Then turn ON the TV and the mirror becomes invisible as the light from your TV emits through the glass with astonishing clarity. The canvas is simply a cap that you add under the frame. When the TV is in use the canvas stays tightly rolled up above the TV under the frame. When the TV is off, use the remote to drop the motorized canvas down over the front of the TV.


These frames are so easy to install you can do it yourself or hire a local handy man to hang it up for you. The frames are simply a “cover” that surrounds the TV without being permanently attached to the device. This leaves room for décor changes and movement in the future. If you choose the Motorized canvas front, the artwork for the canvas can be chosen from a database of over 2000 prints, including the works of featured artist Thomas Kinkade, be a custom print of your choosing, or a transformation of a family photo that you want to become the crown jewel of your home.


There is also an option for installing a TV behind a mirror in a bathroom or bedroom. All these options are available for both commercial businesses and residential homes. Prices range depending on the frame, size of TV and front design.

TVMirrorGlassHeader1200x400_overlay LuxBathroomMirror600x300

5 steps to achieving the canvas look:

1.      Choose Frame

2.      Choose Front

3.      Install Front

4.      Install Frame

5.      Decorate and Enjoy!

Be sure to stop in at North Penn Art to discuss your needs and create a new look for your home. Our knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions, show you your options, and help you make an informed decision.

To view the motorized canvas in action check out this YouTube Video:

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