Gift Ideas for the Whole Family – Even the Extended Family


It’s that time of year again. It seems to start in July yet we always scramble in late December to buy the perfect gift for our loved ones during the holidays. Stumped on what to buy? Custom framing, engraving, display boxes and Giclees all make great gifts and can help you brainstorm on what to buy. Let’s go through the list of people and see if we can come up with something for each person in the family.

Significant Other:
The hardest to buy for because you have to make it the perfect gift. Why not a custom photo collage of your favorite places or times together? What could be more personal than showing them that your memories together mean so much to both of you. It is a lot better than a sweater.

Parents: Parents are probably the easiest because you know what ever you buy them will be appreciated. How about an heirloom? Does your mother or father have heirlooms from their grandparents or relatives that mean a lot to them? Do they keep it hidden in the closet? Bring it out and have it framed. Then it can stay on display forever.


In-Laws: Easy – a picture of their child or grandchild. Parents don’t love anything more than their own children. And now that you are in the picture you might as well throw yourself in too – just to prove you are staying.

Siblings: Is he or she a traveler? How about framing a map? Leave the glass off and have it framed on cork board. Then, wrap a set of push pins with it. Your sibling can mark all the places he or she has been over the years.  Rand-Classic002316

Grandparents: Are they musical? Did they play an instrument or do they have a favorite singer? Why not frame that picture of Frank Sinatra they love so much?

Aunts and Uncles: Have a crazy aunt? You know – the one that’s a vegetarian and will only eat organic “all natural” products? Does she travel? Does she have a favorite mask from Africa from her travels? You can have that put in a display box so she can keep it safe forever. Is she an artist or have a best friend who is an artist? You can borrow one of their artworks and have it made into a Giclee – a high quality replicated print – Then have that piece of art made into greeting cards or just frame the Giclees. What about your uncle? Is he a crazed sports fan? What about that signed Phillies baseball he has on his office shelf? That can be put in a display box or put into a shadowbox frame to be hung on the wall. Framed-Mask-Shadowbox-39

Cousins: You will have to think about each one’s hobby and imagine from there. Is your cousin a comic book artist? You can take his or her works, have Giclees printed, and collect them for a coffee table book. Or maybe frame a trio of their works into a unique wall display.

Boss/Colleague: How about something engraved with their name on it? How about a business card holder or an office supplies holder? These make great gifts for anyone in the work place.


Friends: How about small engraved best friends forever picture frame?

Pets: Pets love you no matter what, so I am sure that juicy bone or treat will make them very happy. But why not give yourself a gift and have that irresistible picture of your pet professionally framed?



Still stumped on the right gift? Stop in at North Penn Art and speak to one of our framing specialists. They have developed many great gift ideas and will be able to help you select the best one for each person in your family. You could also buy a gift card, which is a great way to give anyone on your list the opportunity to browse North Penn Art for themselves and create their own special gift, courtesy of you. And, they are really easy to wrap.