It has been 6 years since North Penn Art began hanging artwork in Lansdale Hospital. The hospital was looking to create a welcoming atmosphere in their hallways using local artists’ work. With North Penn Art being a local custom framing shop, Lansdale Hospital approached Paul Kraynak, owner of North Penn Art, for some ideas on how to make this happen. Paul took the opportunity to further benefit the community by contacting local artists. He asked some artists he had previously worked with if they would like to have their art featured in the Founder’s Entrance Hallway of Lansdale Hospital. Logistically, Lansdale Hospital could have one artist at a time and change artists every 4 months for a total of 3 artists annually.

IMG_20140904_112416545In addition to having their artwork displayed in the busy halls of Lansdale Hospital, the artists have the opportunity to sell their work. Each artist can display 7 to 12 pieces of art, with a minimum size of 16”W x 20”H each, which should be framed and wired, ready to hang. In addition, they are asked to submit one page with an 8-10 sentence biography about themselves, the title of each piece, the medium used, the price (if it is for sale) and contact information in case a prospective buyer is interested. After artists’ submit their possible pieces to North Penn Art and the Lansdale Hospital staff will choose the next artists’ work to be displayed and place the informational page in the center of the display.

The changing displays do more than just decorate the walls in Lansdale Hospital.  The art delights the staff and patients and provides a venue for local artists. During the last rotation of artwork, the hospital’s Chief Administrative Officer, Gary Candia stated, “We feel this is a great opportunity to have the community involved with our location. I know the staff enjoys seeing new artwork go up every 4 months and we are truly pleased that North Penn Art could help make this happen.”IMG_20140904_113217193

Some featured artists in the past were: Scott E. Shelton, Mairin Egge, Linda Spector-Rosenfeld, Dr. Mark E. Waltz, DDS, and Michel J.C. Taupin, MD.

IMG_20140904_113222331Scott E. Shelton submitted black and white photographs of local areas such as Bivalve, New Jersey.


Mairin Egge submitted oil on canvas, stating “I paint with an impressionistic style, using vibrant colors with dark hues; I accentuate the contrast between nature and light.”


Linda Spector-Rosenfeld submitted watercolors and Dr. Mark E. Waltz, DDS, presented photographs.  Be sure to stop by Lansdale Hospital and see what beautiful pieces are currently on display.

The hospital is currently looking for new artists to display their work for 2015. If you or another artist you know is interested in becoming a featured artist in Lansdale Hospital, you can contact Paul Kraynak at