North Penn Art now offers custom TV framing with many different options:


TV Mirror:

Discover and impress your guests with our beamsplitter TV mirror technology. When the TV is off the black surface of your TV serves as the backing to this innovative mirror TV glass. Then turn ON the TV and the mirror becomes clear as the light from your TV emits through the glass with astonishing clarity.




TV Art Covers:

Installation of our frames is incredibly simple. In fact, most people tell us hanging the TV was the toughest part. Just have your TV installed on the wall like normal then the frame just slips over the front of the TV and you're ready to enjoy.  Installation methods will vary based on screen size and TV mounting method.




TV Frame: 

A TV shouldn't distract from your beautiful room decor. Let us make the room pop with a stunning finishing touch. Choose from hundreds of frame styles to instantly transform any television with our TV frames. 




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