Digital Photo Restoration

Nothing quite captures a memory like a photograph, and nothing brings back the good old days like a restored photo. With today’s technology, your photo can be as vivid as your memory.


Using digital technology, our experienced artisans will restore faded, cracked, stained, spotted, or otherwise damaged photographs and documents to their original luster. In most cases, the print we provide you with will be even better than the early original. A vintage photo can still look vintage, but look significantly better in terms of light, contrast, color, etc. We can make a badly faded circa 1970’s photo look natural in color instead of pink.


Maybe you have a 2-sided document and want us to scan, restore, print & display the 2nd side. Photos, maps, handwritten letters, paintings, and more – digital restoration is not limited to only photographs.

Digital photo restoration is also a practical option in the preservation toolbox. Sometimes, an original photo is just too fragile to be displayed, so providing you with a newly restored “old looking” print is the best answer to preserve and enjoy an image that’s ready for framing. Additionally, multiple family members might want copies of a photograph of important people. We’ve provided restored images for countless families, Historic organizations, local businesses, and much more. What treasured images do you have that we can enhance for you?!


Our digital photo restoration Gallery

View some of our digital photo restoration samples below, but be sure to contact us or visit our showroom and meet with one of our experienced custom framing specialists – our team of employees has over 75 years of experience in the framing industry and is dedicated to restoring and framing the treasures of your life.