We safely capture your original art with our high resolution digital flatbed scanner. Flatbed scanners are particularly known for their high-quality scans. Our flatbed has an adjustable lid which can be raised to allow for thicker materials to be scanned. Due to their ability to accommodate thicker objects, flatbed scanners are quite versatile.

Our professional scanner sees and records every detail of texture and color. Flatbed scanning is the highest quality scan that North Penn Art offers. Your art is digitally captured at a 1:1 ratio. Think of it as having your art laying directly on the camera lens! We can accommodate most any size.

what’s included?

A flatbed scan is your best choice for digital capture if you plan on having giclee prints made, meaning the print will come closest to your original art. Flatbed scanning records & captures detail with truly remarkable clarity. A flatbed requires art to be pressed flat (hence the name) against the scanner’s glass, so no matting or frame can be present to achieve the highest quality image. Please remove the matting and frame prior to the scan if possible to save yourself a charge. If you cannot, we can provide that service for you.

The price of your scan includes a full size image (digital file) on a flashdrive, and 1 proof print on an 8.5×11 sheet of quality paper of our choosing. The price of a scan increases with the size of your original art.


If your plan is to have giclee prints made from your digital file: Color corrections are minor digital adjustments in color, saturation & light to the digital image captured through scanning.

you decide…

Color correction is generally (but not always) necessary for producing an “as-close-to-original” color accurate giclee print from an original art scan. You may choose to have our imaging specialists spend time making these adjustments until the print best matches the color of your original.

Note: The giclee process uses Epson pigment inks printed on archival paper or canvas and will most likely look slightly different than your original oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, etc. Paper choice also produces a different look than your original substrate. Giclees are beautiful reproductions, but not originals.

Our flatbed scanning & color correction Gallery