Contact-free means we scan your items FACE-UP!

Our contact-free art scanner Apeiron/42 uses unparalleled technology to accurately digitize media. With the market’s most realistic image quality and full light control, our HD Contex Apeiron large format scanner safely captures your original art or historic document with an optical resolution up to 1200 dpi. With no surface contact (face-up), we can scan delicate items without the risk of wear and tear.

Apeiron is a flexible scanner with natural light LEDs that do not compromise on scan quality and reliability when digitizing original art. Perfect for: Fine art, fragile items, historic documents, textiles, delicate documents, artifacts and much more.

With a scanning surface that’s a generous 42″ x 60″, the Apeiron is also adjustable which means it can be raised to accommodate thicker material. Our state-of-the-art scanner sees and records every detail of texture and color. We can capture and emphasize even minute variations and details with a 3D effect.

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